Transitional Care/Rehabilitation

Experts at transitioning seniors from hospitals to rehab to home.

We know that transition can be one of the most difficult stages in the process of caring for seniors. Managing the coordination of medicines or the very specific care your loved one needs is where we come in. At Wood Manor we work with the primary care giver to make sure there are no unresolved issues and that any care need, no matter how complex, will be met. Our goal is to have a comprehensive set of knowledge about the patient’s condition and treatment when leaving the hospital and making sure that it transfers to our healthcare setting. We promise our staff will always be active participants in the process of transition.

There are scenarios when a senior needs to be readmitted to the hospital. We want to eliminate as much “go-between” as possible for our residents. Taking a rehabilitating resident, or even a long-term resident to the hospital is a last resort measure at Wood Manor. We want to do everything within our power medically to help each resident maintain consistency in his or her living situation, and to make sure that patients are receiving the best post-hospital care.

Our staff makes sure each individual is cared for in a way that facilitates a smooth, full recovery so they can return home. We also want to make sure that seniors can perform daily tasks on their own before they leave. We have a suite set up just like an apartment or home to mimic a normal daily setting with a kitchen, bathroom, and bed. Our residents practice basic tasks like making the bed, using the bathroom and getting around in the kitchen before they are approved for discharge.

Cambridge Hall at Wood Manor for Rehabilitation

Cambridge Hall at Wood Manor is our brand new wing of rooms dedicated to those who will be staying with us for a few short weeks of rehabilitation. Whether due to illness, injury or surgery, our goal is to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services at the right pace for each individual. Short-term rehabilitation in a skilled facility like ours is often needed after suffering from a stroke, cardiac event or joint replacement surgeries.

When the goal of rehab at Wood Manor is to get your loved one back home to their prior living arrangements and level of independence, we work closely with your family and the patient’s primary healthcare provider. We want to ensure that your loved one is able to fulfill daily tasks so they will have no challenges functioning in their normal setting once discharged. Wood Manor has a brand new area to customize and simulate a daily living setting, where patients can practice and complete daily tasks like using the bathroom, making a bed, or getting around in the kitchen. Doing this builds their confidence so residents know they are capable of returning to their usual environment.